Where does my heat go?

Every residence or building is going to lose a certain amount of heat.  The question is how do you minimize the amount of heat that you lose to reduce your energy consumption and increase your comfort?  The answer is to create an efficient building envelope.  The building envelope is everything that separates the inside from the outside.  Namely it is your Windows, Doors, Walls and Ceilings. However not all of these items are created or constructed equally. The image below gives you an idea of where heat escapes your home.  NOTE: In a home with a basement the number change slightly with 30% being lost through the basement walls and 15% through the windows and doors. When you construct a new home you need to create a plan to reduce your energy consumption, increase the comfort of your home, increase the life of the structure and reduce contaminants such as mould and mildew.












Items to consider during the process are Low-E Triple glazed windows and doors, Sprayfoam Insulation, Ridged exterior insulation, Transition Membranes, insulated concrete slabs and efficient heating systems.  All of these items when properly used with create a highly efficient building envelope with very low energy costs.  Furthermore they will protect your home from the outside elements and reduce your exposure to mold, premature decay and rot which increase maintenance and decrease indoor air quality.